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As the heart of the home the kitchen is one of those multifunctional spaces that brings people together. Aside from food prep, the kitchen is a place to convene first thing in the morning as well as a social hub for dinner parties and entertaining. Here’s how to easily add modern style to this well-traveled area of your home:

1. Pick a pendant

Accent lighting above a kitchen island or sink helps to illuminate the space while you’re cooking or entertaining. Plus, upgrading your lighting is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen an extra personal touch.

2. Add a pop of color

Maybe you’re not ready to commit to a full remodel (or you’re in a rental where you can’t make updates). Either way, a fun way to switch up the vibe in your kitchen is to add color with bar or counter stools!

3. Or stay monochromatic

Had enough color in your life and ready to opt for a more monochromatic color scheme? Pick stools that match your cabinets or countertops for a timeless feeling that echoes true modernity.

4. Create a kitchen island

A kitchen island not only changes the whole look of your space, it adds a ton of function! Pick from a variety of counter tables, or customize your own, to add more prep and workspace. Plus, pull up a stool and you’ve got an eat-in kitchen!

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  1. eMoov says:

    Adding pendant in your kitchen will give a boost with its modern style. What’s good about pendant is that they can play as your lighting scheme in the room.

  2. Dorik says:

    Indeed, the steps mentioned can sure be used for modernizing the kitchens. However involvement of technology in the designing has made a major breakthrough in the same.

  3. Bar Design says:

    These all points are very important for modern kitchen.Apart from this bar design, restaurant design, hotel interior design, nightclub interior design and reception design are also important.

  4. Hey, Nicole, thanks for sharing your views on how to add modern style to kitchen. Thanks immensely for sharing such a resourceful and lively post. This gives me beautiful ideas and I am looking forward to incorporate some of them in my kitchen.

    • Nicole Soyka says:

      We’re so glad we could help! If you need some personalized ideas + advice, we offer free design services in our stores, online or over the phone. Head to for details!

  5. you post over helpful for me. thank’s to share this.

  6. Julie says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

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