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If you’ve ever said to your kids, “This is why we can’t have nice things!” today’s post is for you. We’re here to tell you that it is indeed possible to have a “nice” sofa that’s also family friendly. Armed with a few tips, it’s easy to find something not only durable, comfortable and stain resistant but also in line with your grown-up style.

Our York sofa has been a favorite since 1997 for a reason: it’s so comfortable!

Start with comfort

If you have a family, everyone needs to be comfortable and we know that’s a tall order. We have lots of sofas with proportions to keep everyone happy. Not too short, not too deep, not too soft…just right.

Our family-friendly sofas share these magic proportions, but that’s just to get you started with ideas. Use our Sofa Comfort Guide to help you compare sofas and figure out which one will be most comfortable for your family. You can also look for the comfort icons for seat depth, height and firmness on every sofa page.

Jasper, shown here in the family-friendly fabric Tepic, is perfect for life with kids and pets. Its texture and color variation helps hide stains, plus it’s easy to clean.

Pick the right fabric (or leather)

Use our Fabric Guide to see our recommendations for family-friendly fabrics. We offer a great range of color and textures, and every fabric in our kid-friendly list resists rips and tears and is stain resistant.

And don’t dismiss leather—it’s super durable and semi-aniline finished leathers have a protective finish that’s easy to wipe clean when your little ones spill. Check out our Leather Guide for family-friendly leather recommendations.

Ian’s tight-back design always looks tidy.

Consider the cushions

The cushions can make a big difference in how your sofa looks and feels over time. We recommend loose (unattached) seat cushions and back cushions for families for two reasons: 1) Having the option to flip and rotate the cushions helps them last longer, especially if your kids like to jump on the sofa. 2) If you end up with a bad stain or a snag in the fabric, you can flip a cushion over to hide it.

Another tip: cushions with down in the them respond really well to a good plumping, going right back into shape. But you’ll need to fluff them pretty often, just like you would down pillows on your bed. If that kind of maintenance isn’t your thing, consider a sofa with foam cushions, which hold their shape longer (but don’t fluff up as nicely), or a tight (attached) back for a tidy look. 

Need more helpful tips for finding the right sofa for your family? Use our free design services! Our experts will help you out with personalized ideas and advice in-person at a store, by phone or through virtual video conference.

Photos by Room & Board

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  1. Sarah Brandes says:

    I have been looking for a sofa with a back high enough to support my head when I lean back. The only ones I find are poorly designed and ugly! Do you have any suggestions? We are fairly short people, 5’2″ to 5’6″, so we don’t need deep seats or extremely high backs. Thanks!

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