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Dennis Wojtkiewicz is an American artist best known for his exploration of light in his oversized oil paintings of fruit. Each subject encapsulates and transfixes a heightened approach to realism. The symbiotic use of color and process achieves the effect of an interior glow imbuing the pieces with a palpable sense of spirit. We are excited to partner with Wojtkiewicz to bring you these exclusive, high-quality giclée prints.

Earlier this month, Dennis visited our Chicago showroom, along with Laura Jajko of American Frame, to talk about the process of creating his hyper-realist paintings of still-life subjects.

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A look inside the event

Dennis Wojtkiewicz event at the Room & Board store.

Citrus Series #23 and #21

Dennis Wojtkiewicz talks about his art.

Dennis shared information about his creative process and inspiration.

Dennis Wojtkiewicz event at the store

Laura, whose company American Frame custom frames all of our artwork, talked about working with Dennis to create giclée prints of his original paintings for Room & Board.

Dennis Wojtkiewicz event

Guests enjoyed light bites and conversation amid the artwork.

Photos by Jeff Schear Visuals

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