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With more than 300 upholstery fabric options, choosing the one that will work best for your lifestyle can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you make the right fabric choice for your home or business. Read on for our recommendations and remember, you can always get in touch with a Design Associate for personalized ideas or visit our fabric guide for more details.

Family-friendly fabrics

For families with kids, durability and stain resistance are key. Our family-friendly fabrics have good abrasion ratings to resist rips and tears, plus synthetic fibers are less likely to stain when little ones spill. We recommend our Arin, Dawson, Delamont, Desmond, Doss, Heath, Kismet and Merit fabrics.

Sterling sofa in Arin ivory fabric.

Sterling sofas in Arin ivory fabric.

Dog-friendly fabrics

If you love to cuddle up with your pup on the sofa, consider dog-friendly fabrics that resist stains, pilling, and are tightly woven to stand up better to puppy playtime. We recommend our Dawson, Delamont, Desmond, Doss, Sumner, Sunbrella canvas, Tatum and Tepic fabrics.

Cade sofa in Tepic fabric.

Cade sofa with chaise in Tepic charcoal fabric.

Cat-friendly fabrics

If you share your furniture with a cat, consider these fabrics with a smooth, tight weave. This texture is less likely to snag and doesn’t attract fur. We recommend Dawson, Desmond, Doss, Sumner, and Sunbrella canvas fabrics.

Campbell in sumner graphite fabric

Campbell sofa with chaise in Sumner graphite fabric.

Performance fabrics

Our performance fabrics have commercial-grade abrasions ratings to hold up to busy rooms. They’re also stain resistant and fade resistant thanks to synthetic fibers like polyester and acrylic. We recommend Arin, Dawson, Delamont, Desmond, Doss, Kismet, Merit and Orla fabrics.

Ava dining chair in Kismet grey, the right fabric for performance.

Ava side chair in Kismet grey fabric.

Fade-resistant fabrics

We test all of our fabrics for colorfastness with UV exposure. These fade-resistant fabrics are the most likely to stay true to their original color in sunny spaces. We recommend Arin, Desmond, Doss, Flint, Gem, heath, Kanto, and Kismet fabrics.

Georgia bench in Gem salt, the right fabric for fade resistance.

Georgia bench in Gem salt fabric.

Fabrics with natural fibers

There’s a lot to love about natural fibers like cotton, linen and flax. They’re breathable, feel great and get softer with use. We blend natural fibers with synthetic fibers to keep their soft feel but improve durability. We recommend Blair, Gable, Geo, Rei, Trip and Vance fabrics.

Holmes sofa in Gable charcoal fabric.

Holmes sofa in Gable charcoal fabric.

Fabrics with a stain-repellent finish

Only a handful of our fabrics are treated with a stain-repellent finish because synthetic fibers are inherently stain resistant. However, we think a few of our fabrics do better with this treatment, which causes moisture to bead on the surface and gives you more time to react before a stain sets in. We recommend Desmond, Mirror, Sunbrella canvas, Trend, Trip, Vance, and View fabrics.

Quinn chair in Mirror slate, the right fabric for stain-resistance.

Quinn chair in Mirror slate fabric.

Interested in sampling a fabric? Order a free swatch to make sure you love it before you order your piece of furniture.

Photos by Room & Board

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