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Adding beautiful, contemporary lighting to your space not only creates ambiance, it provides function as well. To create a modern, distinctive look for our lighting, we use a mix of innovative and traditional materials, as showcased in these eight examples.

Barlow lamp

Our Barlow lamp has a hexagonal stem with an exposed channel that holds the fabric-wrapped cord. The unique shade is round at the top and flows into a square at the bottom, adding elegance and providing general lighting for the entire room. The effect is sculptural and modern—perfect for a lamp you’ll use for years to come.

Contemporary lighting: Barlow table lamp

Abra pendant

By carefully blowing glass and allowing air bubbles to appear only in specific areas, the artisans at Hennepin Made have created the Abra pendant with a unique texture. It takes skill and practice to make these functional works of art.

Contemporary lighting: Abra pendant

Monarch lamp

Tall, yet slim, the Monarch lamp adds beauty and function to your table. Vermont artisans create this lamp, starting with clay that is poured into a mold then removed and trimmed by hand. Multiple layers of a proprietary glaze are carefully hand-brushed onto the piece in a specific order and thickness. The stoneware firing reveals the beauty of the process. A cotton shade and three-way lighting functionality give the perfect amount of light for any space.

Contemporary lighting: Monarch lamp

Leighton pendant

Illuminate your room with modern style with Leighton. Double drum shades layers allow light to pass through the inner shade then the outer shade for a dimensional look. The bottom features a fabric diffuser which provides soft, even light.

Contemporary lighting: Leighton pendant

Haddie lamp

The unique, elliptical shape of Haddie makes it stand out. A solid wood base anchors the piece while the shade appears to float above it. This lamp has a small footprint, allowing usage in many spaces.

Contemporary lighting: Haddie table lamp

Clement lamp

We designed our Clement lamp with a petite size and unique silhouette to add sculptural interest to any room. The low-profile shade features an offset diffuser that creates a glowing ring of light around the top. A rotary dimmer lets you adjust the amount of light and the included LED bulb is energy efficient.

Contemporary lighting: Clement table lamp

Orikata saucer pendant

Origami-inspired, the Orikata saucer pendant was developed in California and adds eye-catching drama to your home. Beautiful material is laser-cut and then carefully folded and stitched together, creating functional works of art. Light glows through both the shade and the laser-cut folds, creating an interesting pattern on the ceiling and walls. You can only find these pendants at Room & Board.

Contemporary lighting: Walsh dining table illuminated by Orikata pendant

Connelly lamp

Connelly, made of solid wood, has a slender shape and elegant base and adds sleek style to any room. A three-way switch and energy-efficient LED bulb let you adjust the light output, while the simple shade tops it all off with a modern look.

Contemporary lighting: Connelly floor lamp

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Photos by Room & Board

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