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Our big online clearance and in-store floor sample event starts December 26. Here’s the inside scoop on how to shop it like a pro. There are two ways to shop:

1) Online.

Items that are discontinued (meaning that we will no longer be selling them in 2018) will be on clearance online at 20-50 percent off.

Pro tip: You can get a preview of the sale now by looking on for items marked “Discontinued 12/26” If there is stock left of these items on December 26, they will go on clearance. Things tend to sell out quickly, so it’s a good idea to act fast if you have your eye on something. Sorry, no price adjustments on purchases made before December 26.

2) In our stores.

On December 26 our stores discount their floor samples of discontinued items and also mark down items from our current assortment they’re taking off display. So unlike the online clearance, it’s a mix of discontinued and current furniture. We price items based on their condition—some things look perfect, others are a little worn. The tag will show you if an item is on clearance (meaning you could potentially find it on clearance online too), or if it’s a floor sample (meaning we’re taking the item off display in the store, but it’s still part of our assortment).

Room & Board Clearance and Floor Sample Event Washington DC

Shoppers at Room & Board in Washington, D.C.

Pro tips:

Arrive early for the best selection. Every store has a line at the door before it opens, so grab a coffee and join in the fun with your fellow Room & Board fans.

Found a piece you want to purchase? Stay by your  item and one of our Design Associates will swing by to write up your purchase. Shopping for multiple pieces? Bring a buddy with you to stay with other item(s) you’ve got your eye on. After your item is written up by a Design Associate, head to the checkout line to make your purchase.

Keep in mind that floor samples are sold as is and can’t be returned, so it’s best to know your measurements and give everything a close look before you buy. This is also why you have to be at the store in person to buy a floor sample. We want to make sure you know what you’re getting. (Online clearance items are shipped new from our warehouse and can be returned.)

A couple more good-to-knows:

Because we keep floor samples in the store until we bring in new items, floor samples can’t be delivered or picked up until mid to late January. In addition, we can only deliver floor sample items locally within 100 miles of our stores. Fear not if you live farther away: our online clearance items can be delivered anywhere within the contiguous U.S. in our usual time frame (one to three weeks depending on your location).

No matter how you shop, December 26 is an exciting day to stop by Room & Board, virtually or in person. Not only will you be able to shop our clearance and floor sample events, you can also see new items online or pick up our new catalog in our stores.

Questions? Leave a comment or contact us. Happy shopping!

Photos by Room & Board

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