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We make it easy to get exactly what you want. No space is too tricky to solve with the help of custom furniture. Our direct relationships with American manufacturers make customizing simple, affordable and quick.

Cabinets & Bookcases

Design your own storage solution to perfectly fit your needs and space, large or small. Four of our most popular storage and bookcase collections are available with custom options. Choose the materials, dimensions and your ideal mix of inserts: drawers, cabinets, shelving and more (ahem, wine racks).

Get started with our online tools to create a custom cabinet or custom bookcase today.

Tables & Desks

Offered in an unparalleled selection of styles and materials, our custom desks, dining tables, outdoor tables and end tables are made to your dimensions to the exact inch. Select your width, depth and height to create just the size you need then choose from a wide variety of wood, glass or stone top options.

Table widths start as small as seven inches and can go all the way up to 120 inches, depending on your overall table dimensions. See all custom by-the-inch table options.

Custom dining table with marbled white quartz top

Portica custom by-the-inch table with marbled white quartz top, Keaton 30w 18d 80h custom bookcases in bark

Custom Rugs

Customize a rug to fit your unique space. Most of our rugs can be made-to-order in the length and width that’s just right for your room. Rectangular and round sizes are both available for customization. As long as your rug length is greater than or equal to your desired width, you’re good to go!

Custom Mirrors

Create a mirror that reflects your style. Choose a shape, finish and size in wall-hanging or leaning designs from our four most popular collections.

We believe your furniture and home should be an extension of your lifestyle, so why settle when you can get exactly what you need? Explore online tools or stop into any Room & Board store to chat with a Design Associate about how to shop for your custom furniture.

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  1. Alfyn Cyrus says:

    Customize furniture designs and layout gives detailes to a home and offices!It defines personality.

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