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There are a lot of modern lamps, sconces, and pendants on the market, so what sets Room & Board lighting apart? We focus on bringing you the highest quality lighting using skilled craftsmanship, timeless design, and fine materials. Read on to learn more about our approach to creating quality lighting solutions.

Streeter overarching floor lamp is the focal point of a modern living room.

Artisan-crafted in Wisconsin, our Streeter floor lamp features a generous arc design to provide lighting over a sofa or dining table.

Made with Care

Our lighting is artisan-crafted in small runs that allow for incredible attention to detail. “There’s an element of pride that goes into our products,” says Brian Linehan, Merchandise Associate at Room & Board. “People put their unique skills to use every step of the way. From machining custom parts to developing special manufacturing processes, our lighting is fabricated primarily in the U.S. by family-owned companies.”

Designed with Purpose

Designed in-house, most of our lighting starts with customers’ needs in mind. We listen to feedback and create timeless lamps, pendants, and sconces to work in every room of the home. “Everything we design fills a need,” shares Brian. “Whether it’s task lighting for reading or a floor lamp that’s capable of lighting an entire room, function comes first.”

Not found anywhere else, Room & Board lighting is especially unique. Specifically designed to pair effortlessly with our furniture. In fact, many of the items are made by the same workshops that build our sofas, chairs, and tables.

Serena ceramic lamps flank an entryway table.

Each Simone table lamp is slip cast, and then glazes are meticulously hand-applied in a carefully choreographed order to produce a finish with incredible depth.

Quality Materials Matter

When you invest in lighting made from the finest materials, you need to buy it less often, using fewer resources in the long run. “Room & Board lighting is made to pass along to the next generation,” explains Brian. “We use the highest quality materials and let them drive the design. For example, we cannot replicate in wood or steel, but some forms work wonderfully in porcelain.”

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Images by Room & Board

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