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Never underestimate the power of a rug! Rugs not only bring warmth and texture to a space, they also create a cohesive feel throughout your home.

Metro sofa with coordinating Taos rug

According to Jenon Bailie, our Home Decor Merchandise Manager, the secret to coordinating rugs in your home is to mix textures, patterns and pile height to add both variety and function. Here are a few rugs she suggests to add a modern look to your entryway, living room and dining room depending on your color palette.

1. Neutrals

Coordinating rugs in neutral colors

Sequence rug in ivory/grey, Wallace rug in earth

2. Black & Naturals

Coordinating rugs in black and naturals

Sequence rug in ivory/black, Tulum rug in ebony, Nomad rug in charcoal

3. Warm Tones

4. Cool Blues

Coordinating rugs in blue tones

Series rug in navy/natural, Nomad rug in indigo, Heriz rug in ink

Still have a few questions? Chat with an expert Design Associate for free ideas and advice whenever you’d like or read more about choosing a rug here.

Photos by Room & Board

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  1. Phil says:

    Super helpful! Any other rugs you’d recommend in the (3) warm family? We have the Kayseri (which we love) and are looking for some additional matching suggestions, if you have any. Thanks!

    • Nicole Soyka says:

      We would recommend anything in the oatmeal-ivory range. A subtle pattern would also be nice since Kayseri is so bold. Here are a few rugs we think would work nicely:

      + Arden
      + Avani
      + Cable
      + Nomad
      + Taos

      You can get also order a $25 returnable swatch so you can check combinations out in person at home.

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