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If you’re looking for a bed that’s just as comfortable for binge-watching your favorite show as it is for sleeping, adding an adjustable bed is the answer. Here’s why.

Slim Profile

Our adjustable beds are designed to fit in any Room & Board bed frame. They have a slim profile, hiding the adjustable base while allowing the beauty of your bed to stay front and center. Plus, our adjustable beds work with all Room & Board mattresses.

adjustable bed with slim profile

The sleek profile of our adjustable beds fit right in with modern bedrooms.

Unlimited Positions

The included remote control lets you find the perfect support for you—and you can program your favorites into the remote for one-touch convenience. (The Deluxe base has an app so you can adjust the bed from your smartphone.) The remote also has pre-programmed positions, like Zero G (a favorite when we tested the adjustable beds in the office). Fun fact: Zero-G position was developed by NASA to take pressure off astronauts’ bodies as they launched into space. If it works for astronauts under G-forces, imagine how good it feels after a long day at the office.

adjustable bed in use with woman working on laptop

No more propping up stacks of pillows. Raising the head of the bed makes working (or watching TV) comfortable.

More Features

A wall-hugging design means that when you change the position of your mattress, you’ll still be able to reach your nightstand. And you never have to worry about your bed if the power goes out—a battery back-up has you covered.

The deluxe adjustable bed also has dual-zone, ultra-sonic massage to provide relaxation to your head and legs. Plus, pre-programmed anti-snore position raises a sleeper’s head for a quieter night’s rest.

See the deluxe adjustable bed in action in the video below or try it for yourself at any Room & Board store.


Images by Room & Board

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  1. Sleep comfort adjustable beds are some of the most popular on the planet. We all have our favorite for sleep positions for sleep and a common misconception is that you can’t sleep on your side in an adjustable bed. Last year my cousin bought furniture from Italy and which is really amazing.

  2. Gilchrist says:

    Without a perfect bed, good nights sleep is not possible. I had just bought an adjustable bed and it works for me and improve my sleep. The most important thing that I love about the adjustable beds is providing a more comfort as compared to any other bad. The adjustable bed is ideas for the people who are suffering from back pain.

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