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We all know that kids’ bedrooms are the most fun to decorate, but also one of the more challenging spaces thanks to kids’ ever-changing interests. Lucky for you, we offer a variety of colorful and functional accents they won’t outgrow. Check out products we love for kids’ rooms.

Levi Lounge Chair

Our Levi lounge chair creates a fun, modern reading or gaming spot for kids or teens. It’s easy to move around the room and is made to mold to whomever is sitting. 

products we love for kids' rooms: Levi kids lounge chair

Montford Picture Ledges

Put your kids’ favorite books and trinkets on display with our Montford picture ledges, created from reclaimed pine that was salvaged from abandoned Baltimore row homes.

Reclaimed wood picture ledges in modern kids' bedroom

Bangla Storage Basket

Our Bangla storage baskets make clean up a breeze. Store toys, blankets and books in these fun baskets.

products we love for kids' rooms: Bangla storage baskets in nursery

Kori Storage Basket & Moda Cubby

Our Kori baskets and Moda cubby pair perfectly to bring you both modern design and functional storage. 

products we love for kids' rooms: Kori storage baskets in Moda storage cubby

Agenda Magnetic Board

Let your kiddos showcase their favorite artwork on one of our Agenda boards. These magnetic boards are made of natural steel and features a ledge along the bottom that serves as the perfect catch-all for small items.

products we love for kids' rooms: Magnetic Agenda board above kids desk

Crew Wall Hooks

Keep hats and jackets off the floor with Crew multiple wall hooks.

products we love for kids' rooms: Crew wall hooks in kids room

Don’t forget the essentials! Check out our full selection of kids’ bedsdressers and nightstands to create the perfect foundation for your child’s bedroom.

Photos by Room & Board 


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  1. These Items are a perfect idea for decorating a kids room. I love Agenda Magnetic Board, Crew Wall Hooks. Nice post with beautiful decor ideas.

  2. Brenda says:

    Nice idea, Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas with us. Next month my son’s birthday & I will give him newly decorated room as a gift, again thanks for this post. Eduburdie refers this blog post to me for finding perfect kids room furniture.

  3. Nikki says:

    Nice idea, Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas with us. Such a wonderful article.

  4. Amazing post , Very informative , Thanks for sharing

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