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In the order of priority for household purchases, sheets are an easy items to put on the bottom of the list. There are cheap options available everywhere you look, but the reality is that cheap bedding costs more in the long run because you’ll have to replace it more often. And you’ll enjoy it less. Nobody wins! Today we’re peeling back the covers to talk about what goes into good quality sheets—and why you deserve them.

What to look for in good quality sheets

This may surprise you, but if you’re looking for quality, look for a lower thread count. Sheets with a thread count higher than 400 can actually be an indication of lower quality cotton fibers. Here’s why.

The thread count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric, and manufacturers will weave together thinner, poorer quality cotton threads to get to a higher number. By using cheaper, thinner strands to create their threads, they can double, triple or even quadruple their thread count.

This boosted thread count may feel okay initially, but high-thread-count bedding tends to wear out quickly, pill and not wash as well. Bottom line: the quality of the cotton threads are even more important than the quantity.

How our sheets are different

We use smooth, long-staple cotton—a.k.a. the good stuff—to create our bedding. You’ll notice that none of our sheets have a thread count higher than 400, for the reasons mentioned above. We’re committed to making bedding that feels great, washes well and hold up over time.

The difference between percale and sateen sheets

Percale and sateen sheets can be made from the same cotton, but feel very different from each other because of how the threads are woven together. Percale sheets have matte look, a crisp feel and a breathable quality. Sateen sheets have a subtle sheen, a silky feel and a satin-y drape. Percale is great for summer or if you tend to feel too hot when you sleep. Sateen holds heat better, so if you’re a cool sleeper, you may prefer sateen sheets year round.

Invest in your comfort

We’re big believers in creating a home—and a bed—that makes you comfortable, happy and relaxed. You’ll thank yourself every night for spending a little more to get good quality sheets and bedding that you love. Plus, they’ll hold up better (no pilling here), get softer with every wash and frankly, get cleaner in the wash, too. It’s worth it.

Create your dream bed with the help of our free design services. We can help you mix and match sheets, blankets, coverlets and duvets to help you find the perfect combo for your sleep preferences and style. Did we mention we sell mattresses, too? That’s a whole other story.

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