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We all deserve that chair—the chair that everyone fights over, the favorite spot in the house, the place you land to truly relax. If you’re in search of the perfect reading/relaxing/TV-watching chair we have some tips for you. Read on for our ideas and our customers’ favorite Room & Board reading chairs.

Chair Comfort 101

In all of our years designing chairs, we’ve learned a thing our two about what makes a chair worthy of a Netflix marathon or reading a book start to finish. It comes down to four things:

  1. A tall back. To support your head and neck. If the back has a slight curve or a wingback design you can rest against, all the better.
  2. Comfortable arms. Preferably at just the right height and pitch so your arms are relaxed and it’s easy to prop a book (or bowl of popcorn) in your hands.
  3. A deep seat. Which invites you to lean back and stretch your legs out, or gives you room to pull your legs up into the chair. Note: if you’re tall, this is an especially important feature.
  4. An ottoman. Yes, a chair can be comfortable without one, but putting your feet up takes comfort to the next level. In our experience, no one ever regrets getting the ottoman, they only regret not getting it.

To get you started on your chair quest, we’ve pulled together some of our top-rated reading chairs and our customers’ (honest and entertaining) comments from reviews.


“I thought I knew what life was about, then I sat in this chair. If I could only own one thing in this cruel world, it would be this chair. It has the perfect shape for almost any situation- sitting, sitting and talking, sitting and typing on a computer, sitting and drinking coffee, sitting and reading, etc. Simply put, I love this chair! I would end the relationship if my boyfriend didn’t like this chair.” – New York, NY customer


“This is the most comfortable chair I have ever owned – and possibly ever sat in. Also, the chair’s dimensions make it a good option for smaller apartments that want something plush but without the bulk of more traditional leather loungers/club chairs.” – New York, NY customer


“Love these chairs. Bought two with the ottomans and they really anchor the living room. (Plus, I feel like Captain Kirk on the bridge when I sit in them.)” – Chicago, IL customer

See more lounge chairs and read reviews online, and stop by our customer photo gallery to see some real-life chair inspiration.

Photos by Room & Board

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