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One lamp—no matter how bright—will leave your room wanting more. We might not instinctively think to layer our lighting, but we layer all types of things in our home all the time. Think about the unbeatable feeling of jumping into a just-made bed. The mattress, mattress pad, sheets, duvet, throw blankets and pillows make the bed not only look complete, but feel complete. The same methodology goes for lighting.

A singular light source in a room would be like making your bed with only the top sheet – enough to technically get the job done, but it feels like something’s missing. Layering overhead lighting, table lamps and floor lamps is how you can evoke that warm, inviting mood that makes a room feel complete. Here are a few rooms that combat the common “lonely light” mistake and create a balanced space.

Living room lighting

  1. The Studio flushmount pendant is the first light you turn on when you walk into this room. It’s the primary source of light and provides overall brightness for the space.
  2. The Grace table lamp and Rayas striped table lamp both bring inviting ambiance while brightening dark corners. Here, they provide close light for the sofa and chair.
  3. The Chronicle floor lamp provides direct, focused light (perfect for reading) next to the leather chair.
  1. The Lane floor lamp can provide overall brightness or a soft glow with its dimmable bulb.
  2. The Rayne wall sconce is a direct lighting solution that provides task-like lighting in a modern design.

Bedroom lighting

  1. The Humboldt chandelier is a beautiful overhead solution that offers as much brightness to the bedroom as it does architectural interest.
  2. Alexa table lamps provide more direct light on either side of the bed.
  1. The Grace table lamp gives a crisp, clean glow that adds ambiance when overhead lighting isn’t enough.
  2. Cloak pendants are a modern take on nightstand lighting, as they offer a similar light output but bring artistic appeal.

Dining room lighting

  1. The Orikata saucer pendant provides bright light over the table while you dine.
  2. The Guild table lamp brightens the corner of this dining room and shines light on a beautiful frame arrangement.
  1. Sometimes, just one pendant for an entire table won’t provide enough light. Two Glow pendants are perfectly positioned to distribute equal light over the table.
  2. The two wall sconces highlight the dark corners of this dining room and provide additional light over the large piece of artwork.

Photos by Room & Board

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  1. Troy Dowden says:

    Great ideas. You’ve given me a lot of ideas to start from.

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