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Family owned since 1975, El Greco Woodworking is based in upstate New York. They craft quality kids furniture with an emphasis on safety and sustainability.

Family-inspired furniture

Inspired by a love of woodworking, George Theofilactidis left farm life in Greece and made his way to Toronto. There he continued his study of furniture-making techniques. Soon after settling in Jamestown, New York, the self-taught craftsman and his wife, Kathy, founded El Greco Woodworking.

Today, two generations of the Theofilactidis family oversee the workshop. There, they build quality cribs, beds, bunks and dressers to their patriarch’s standards.

“We have a lot of family pride about doing things right,” says Singleton. “That kind of obsession makes for extraordinary furniture.”

Quality and safety

Constructed by skilled artisans, El Greco Woodworking furniture is built and finished each piece by hand. They use sustainable and locally-sourced materials, including hardwoods from the nearby Appalachian forests. The New York region is known for the quality and wood grain of its timber. These are traits that have become the defining features of El Greco products.

The company has also earned a reputation for its product safety. They exceed current child safety standards and requirements and actively weighing in on best practices with its vendors. Through its use of natural materials, non-toxic finishes free of lead, phthalates, and formaldehyde, and quality construction techniques. The company produces furniture its founding family is proud to share with their own.

“We’re building it for our kids,” says Alexis Singleton, founder George Theofilactidis’ daughter and company vice president. “My house is full of Moda furniture.”

Design that makes a difference

El Greco Woodworking’s core principles of quality craftsmanship and sustainability dovetail beautifully with Room & Board’s commitment to thoughtful design. Designed to grow with your child, like cribs that convert into toddler beds. Convertible furniture minimizes the need to replace an entire room of furniture every few years. Through its work with suppliers that employ responsible practices such as forest replanting and habitat management, El Greco Woodworking ensures our forests—like its furniture—will be around for future generations to enjoy.

Photos by Room & Board

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