Nursery Design 101

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We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Your new baby’s room is actually for you, too! It’s easy to forget when you’re designing a nursery just how much time you’ll spend there with your little one. With a few essential pieces, you can create a happy place for you and baby that will be functional far into the future.

A comfortable chair

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For the hours you’ll spend rocking and feeding baby, a comfortable place to sit is a must. We love swivel gliders, meaning you can rock back and forth and turn 360 degrees. Our modern swivel gliders are designed to look like stylish accent chairs, so they work great for baby now and can easily transition to another room in your home.

A dresser 

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Instead of a changing table, consider a dresser so it won’t look babyish later. Look for one that’s around kitchen counter height (36 inches) so it’s comfortable for you, then put a changing tray on top you can remove later. Safety note: kids love to climb on or get into drawers, so always attach dressers and bookcases to the wall with anti-tip hardware (which we include for free).

A convertible crib

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Convertible cribs help you get more use out of a crib as your baby is growing into a toddler who’s ready to get in and out of a (small, low) bed on their own. One long side of the crib can be removed, and replaced with a low rail that still provides a barrier for your little one so they don’t roll out of bed.

Fun and Functional Extras

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These extras will make your nursery even more cozy and comfortable: dimmable lighting, a soft rug, an ottoman to rest your feet, a bookcase or cubbies for books and toys or an end table for next to your chair. All of these practical pieces easily transition to a big-kid room.

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