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As everyone else is gearing up for Black Friday promotions, we’re here with a different message: we don’t have sales. We choose to set our everyday prices lower than other retailers and hold them steady through the year, so you can shop at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about missing out on a flash sale or buying something just for its daily deal.

Shop how you want

Even though the thrill of a sale can be fun, we love providing consistent pricing because it takes the pressure off you to make a quick decision. So whether you like to fill your home with all new furniture right away or want to add piece-by-piece throughout the years, you’re never pressured by arbitrary sale dates. That means less buyer’s remorse and more happy shopping. (Win-win.)

No digging for promo codes. No elbowing through Black Friday crowds. The price is the price.

Free design services along the way

One of Room & Board’s best investments is free. Our Design Associates are great people with real design expertise, who offer their personalized services to you at no cost. No fine print later on. No need to even purchase furniture from us. We just want to help you create a home you love. Free design services are available online, over the phone or in our stores.

Spend the day at home

All of this leads to the best part of Thanksgiving weekend: being at home with people you love! If we’ve done our job, you’ll be happy with your space no matter what day it is.

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