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We offer an exclusive and innovative collection of modern office chairs, all designed to work with your body, lifestyle and workspace! Here's what you can expect from our office chairs:

1. Adaptable

Adjustment options tailor support specifically to your size and your work style with incredible responsiveness.

2. Innovative

Our chairs are crafted with the latest technology and trusted materials to ensure healthy use.

3. Ergonomically designed

Each chair is designed to evenly distribute pressure, promoting natural alignment with great support.

Modern Office Chairs

Read on to get the details on a few of our top-selling office chairs!

Tenley office chair

The Tenley office chair combines clean, modern style with the comfort you need to work all day long.


  • Angular details
  • Beautifully stitched high back for continuous support
  • Smooth-moving casters ensure you can glide around your workspace with ease



Runa swivel office chair

Runa's silhouette makes it comfortable and versatile. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to move from room to room, ideal for conference rooms, collaborative workspaces and more.


  • Flexible back cradles you as you sit while reducing pressure points
  • Multi-density foam seat cushion offers a comfortable seat
  • Seat cushion is softer in front for thigh comfort and firmer in back for additional support


Plimode® office chair

Plimode features a clean, sweeping look that's complemented by innovative design.


  • One lever controls the back recline and tension. Slide the lever to find your best comfort.
  • Multi-density foam seat cushion offers soft support for thighs and a firmer support in the back
  • Light, slim profile
  • Curved armrests


Sylphy® office chair

Designed with intuitive adjustments and ease of use in mind, the Sylphy office chair is made to fit almost everyone for comfort all day long.


  • S-shape back mimics your spine
  • Recline tilt-adjustment dials that require few rotations to move between settings
  • Multi-density foam seat cushion is softer in front and firmer in back for support


Nico office chair

Equally stylish behind a desk or in your living space, the modern Nico chair will always make you feel right at home.


  • Neatly tailored
  • Upholstered seat and back offer exceptional comfort
  • Smooth-moving casters ensure you can glide around your workspace with ease
  • Curved arms


Luce® office chair

Luce was developed by Okamura in collaboration with a company that specializes in robot technology. What came about was an ergonomic chair with minimal dials that offers multiple areas of adjustment.


  • Distinctive forward-leaning seat that absorbs impact as you sit down
  • Innovative seat cradle design provides extra support
  • Self-adjusting reclining tension
  • High-density mesh provides firm support


Diffrient World® office chair

Made by Humanscale®, the Diffrient World office chair is incredibly comfortable and intuitive.


  • Automatically adjusts the angle of recline as you move naturally in the chair
  • Provides support without the use of knobs and levers
  • Frameless front edge eliminates contact stress behind the knees
  • Arms move with the backrest for dynamic support


Check out all of our modern office chairs here. Looking for more details? Take a peek at our chair comparison guide.

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