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The modern look seems to be everywhere these days. So how do you separate modern style that’s trendy from what’s timeless? Good news: you’re in the right place. Room & Board draws from five design philosophies and we give each of them a modern twist, so the furniture you buy from us is guaranteed to be long-lasting. Check out four design types below and start finding which modern styles speak to you!

Shaker style

If you’re drawn to:

  • Only the necessities
  • Living simply
  • Hold craftsmanship in the highest regard

Shaker design began around 1775 and celebrates the timelessness of simple design. The Shakers were resourceful and progressive, but they didn’t design just for design’s sake; they met the needs of the day. A few fun facts – the Shakers also invented the apple peeler, the circular saw, and the washing machine.

Japanese style

If you’re drawn to:

  • Furniture with function
  • Intricate, yet minimal, details
  • Straight lines

One of the most familiar links between Shaker and Japanese design is George Nakashima. He is one of the most revered designers in history and describes his work as “Japanese Shaker.” He took all the best from both cultures and blended to create some of the most endearing pieces of the 21st century.

Scandinavian or Mid-century style

If you’re drawn to:

  • Natural materials
  • Friendly, approachable design
  • Touches of softness

Scandinavians took inspiration from Shaker design and added their own sense of craftsmanship. This type of modern design is known for its perfect proportions and elegant tapering.

Contemporary modern style

If you’re drawn to:

  • New materials and technologies
  • Embrace the honesty of fabrication
  • Small but substantial details

Photos by Room & Board

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