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We’re excited to share we’ve partnered with the experts at Hirshfield’s to create a new paint collection of 36 colors.

We designed the colors to complement our furniture and decor. Made in Minnesota, this premium paint-and-primer is GREEN WISE® Certified, low VOC and ships free anywhere in the continental United States. With free design services, our team can help you find the perfect color for your space. Or if you want to compare at home, get 8”x10” Peel & Stick swatches for our 10 Classic Colors and 5.5″x8.5″ swatches for all colors.

Scroll onwards for colorful inspiration or start shopping now on the Hirshfield’s website.

Detail of living room with dark blue paint on walls

Seal Blue (RBH0060)

Detail of bookshelves in corner with charcoal paint on wall

White (RB2001) and Charcoal (RB2006)

Detail of dining room with pink paint on walls

Souffle (RB0139)

Photos by Room & Board.

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