Why a Great Sofa is a Great Investment

living room setting with clemens sofa, boden chair, lars chair, decker coffee table.

A sofa is the heart of your living space. It’s the go-to for relaxing plus grand central station for entertaining. That’s where investing in a quality modern sofa comes in. Because no other piece needs to meet the same tall order of complete comfort and room-making style.  

It’s overwhelming to shop for a big-ticket item such as a sofa. So we’re sharing the top reasons ours stand apart from the rest, as well as why they’re a worthwhile investment in the long run. 

Living room setting with Linger 91-inch Sofa in Flint Charcoal fabric, Boden Chair and Ottoman in Vento Camel leather and Parson Coffee Table in Natural Steel and Walnut.
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What to Look for in a High-Quality Sofa

Well-built sofas are constructed with durable hardwood frames that won’t sag over time. We use kiln-dried engineered hardwood in our upholstered-piece frames for lasting durability. Often used for structural beams, this hardwood is made of thin layers of solid wood pressed together to prevent warping. Also, kiln-drying removes moisture, minimizing seasonal expansion and contraction to resist any cracking.  

detail of sofa wood frame interior.
The inside of a Room & Board sofa frame

Reinforced Joinery

We reinforce every joint in our frames for added stability. Precision-cut parts interlock like puzzle pieces and are reinforced with eco-friendly glues, screws or staples and corner blocks. This ensures the guts of our sofas remain strong for many years. 

Craftsperson cutting leather; craftsperson finishing wood chair.
Craftspeople making Room & Board furniture by hand 

Mindfully Made

A great sofa is assembled with high-quality materials by skilled craftspeople. We manufacture more than 90% of our products in America using quality U.S. and imported materials. You can find links to more information about who makes our sofas on every individual sofa page. We believe it feels good to have a sofa with an origin story you’re proud to share. 

Cross-section of sofa cushion
Sofa cushion cross-section showing coils, foam, feather and down, and ticking. 

Enduring Comfort

A truly great sofa has comfortable cushions that you look forward to lounging on each day. These cushions should remain comfortable over time, and with easy maintenance, they last for years.  

We offer a variety of cushions to appeal to a wide range of comfort preferences. Each cushion always is made with high-quality materials. Our go-tos: lofty down and feathers, high-resiliency foam or encased springs—or all three. Curious how to best care for your sofa cushions? Check out our sofa maintenance tips. 

colorful fabrics in casual row on table
Room & Board fabrics

Durable Fabrics and Leathers

Finding the cover that’s right for your lifestyle helps you enjoy your sofa more. So if you are buying for a home with kids or pets, or buying for a business, look for durable fabrics with contract-grade ratings. Use our fabric guide or leather guide to find the perfect fit. 

two turquoise sofas across from one another in modern living room.
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Timeless Style

We design our sofas to be timeless, modern and practical. They’ll always complement your space, even if your style changes. Plus, investing in and taking care of a quality sofa means you won’t have to buy one again for many years.  

Design Associate and a customer exploring materials in a showroom.

Excellent Customer Service

Room & Board offers a non-commissioned shopping experience, free design services, fair pricing and full-service delivery. Plus free returns and no cancellation fees. What’s more, you can shop with the confidence we’ll be here to make things right. Our job isn’t finished until your new sofa is in your home and you love it.

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