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Introducing Room & Board and Cambria

Two respected Minnesota brands known for American craftsmanship and elevated modern style have come together.

We combined the best of what each of us does into one breathtaking collection: Pren. Featuring Room & Board wood craftsmanship and Cambria natural quartz surfaces.

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Cambria selects only the purest white quartz from their own mine to be transformed into their dramatic designs.

Every quartz slab is created in their state-of-the-art Minnesota facility, where they lead the industry in quality and innovation.

Cambria surfaces are stain resistant, scratch resistant and don't require sealing, giving you all the beauty of natural stone with none of the maintenance.

Elevated design plus durability for everyday life is the ultimate in luxury. What good is gorgeous if it's too precious to use?

Pren is crafted from solid Appalachian white oak or solid Midwestern walnut sustainably sourced within the U.S., where selective harvesting allows surrounding trees to flourish. West Virginia craftspeople shape Pren's soft curves, beveled edges and intricate details.

Shop the Pren Collection

Room & Board and Cambria are experts at residential style with commercial durability. Connect with Room & Board Business Interiors for commercial and trade orders of the Pren collection.

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