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Guiding Principles

When you enjoy your work and feel successful, your life is better. We work hard to create a place where that can happen. Our guiding principles shape the way we work together and are woven into everything we do.

Building Respectful Relationships

We don't think work happens within the structure of an organizational chart—real work happens when people take the time to build relationships. If you enjoy working collaboratively, reaching out to others, making suggestions and receiving feedback, our culture is for you.

Doing the Right Thing

We trust you and give you the authority to do what you think is right. Your actions, not your title, define your success. We tossed out formal performance reviews. Instead, you have the freedom to identify your goals and initiate conversations with your leadership team about the work that excites you most.

Engaging in the Business

We're profitable year after year and don't carry any long-term debt. Being financially responsible gives us the freedom to innovate. We share our financial information with all staff members because each of us has a role in our success. And the icing on the cake? When we achieve our profit goals, we reward our staff members with profit sharing.

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