Our Piran rug looks good while doing good. It is woven from ECONYL® yarn made from materials such as discarded fishing nets, used carpeting and other nylon waste that would otherwise end up in oceans or landfills and potentially endanger wildlife. These recycled materials are transformed into a high-quality raw material that is soft, durable and holds dye well—a sustainable alternative to manufacturing new material. Perfect for high-traffic areas, we designed Piran’s timeless graphic pattern with a nod to the recycled fishing nets that help make up its sustainably sourced yarn.

Made in
United States

    Construction: Hand-tufted

    How it’s made

    Skilled artisans use a handheld tufting tool to carefully create about 10 square inches per day. Their expertise is showcased in the consistent quality of the pattern produced.


    Using a handheld tufting tool, artisans insert loops of yarn through a fabric backing to create a looped or cut pile. The resulting pile is neat and uniform.

    Finish details

    After the tufting process, a flexible synthetic latex backing is added by hand to hold the yarns in place, giving the rug a clean, finished back and increasing its strength and stability.

Artisan Crafted by Delos

A husband-and-wife team runs this small business located in northwest Georgia’s mill country. Experienced rug makers rely on both hand craftsmanship and technology to produce rugs of exceptional quality and consistency. 

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