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Silhouette detail of Sheffield blue bedding on bed
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Artisan Crafted by
Abercrombie Textiles


With a mid-century-inspired, geometric pattern, this modern bedding is woven on a jacquard loom and then washed to create its dimensional texture. Made by an American mill just for Room & Board, the fabric is a durable blend of polyester and recycled cotton that’s machine washable. The duvet reverses to a solid back, and features interior corner ties to keep your filler in place and a hidden button closure. Shams have an envelope closure.

Artisan Crafted by:
Abercrombie Textiles
made in North Carolina

Located in the historic textile town of Cliffside, North Carolina, this family-owned company is continuing the tradition of fabric production in the U.S. All fabrics are woven, finished and tailored by expert artisans in one space, supporting American manufacturing and keeping jobs in the community.