Our exclusive Sommerville collection was inspired by vintage sheets from the 1920s and was designed to replicate the unmistakable feel of heirloom-quality bedding. The long-staple single-ply cotton is sustainably grown in Alabama, woven in South Carolina, then cut and sewn in Minnesota. The special stitch and sewing details give this collection a timeless look. With simple care, Sommerville gets better with each wash and will last for decades.

Made in
United States

Artisan Crafted by Red Land Cotton

Run by a father-daughter duo in rural Alabama, Red Land Cotton does something incredibly rare in today’s textile industry: they grow, harvest and loom their own cotton to create entirely American-made linens. Sustainable practices, such as planting cover crops, allow them to operate without irrigation. Their field-to-loom approach yields long-staple Upland cotton of the finest quality.

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