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Dahl 72w 15d 29h Console Bookcase

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Current Wood selection: Ash with charcoal stain
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Dahl 72w 15d 29h Console Bookcase
wood: Ash with charcoal stain
Item No: 329765


The Dahl bookcase adds modern architectural storage to any room in your home. Inspired by Scandinavian design, Dahl is made in Pennsylvania from domestically sourced wood and veneer, and is designed to look just as beautiful against a wall as it does as a creative room divider. Its understated character highlights the beauty of the personal items you choose to display.

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made in Pennsylvania

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Details of Dahl 72w 15d 29h Console Bookcase

  • Dimensions: 72"w 15"d 29"h
  • Floor to Bottom Clearance: 6.5" at ends, 4.5" under base
  • Space Between Legs: 52"w 8.75"d
  • Leg Thickness: 1.25"w
  • Open Space: (1) 14"w 15"d 8"h; (1) 31.5"w 15"d 8"h; (1) 23.5"w 15"d 8"h; (1) 23.5"w 15"d 12.25"h; (1) 31.5"w 15"d 12.25"h; (1) 14"w 15"d 12.25"h
  • Shelves: two fixed wood
  • Includes: anti-tip safety hardware
  • Installation: not provided by Room & Board; professional installation recommended
  • Product Origin: made in Pennsylvania
  • Material Origin: United States
  • Item Number: 329765
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    • Wood: ash
    • Color: charcoal
    • Finish: lacquer
    • Material Description: Our ash with charcoal stain features a hand-applied stain over solid, domestically sourced ash. Because ash has such sweeping, varied grain patterns, its integrity and unique look still show through and are enhanced by the deep charcoal stain. The charcoal color was designed to easily mix with other woods and materials in your home. Ash is a durable, timeless hardwood that brings true character to your home.
    • Wood: ash
    • Color: charcoal
    • Finish: lacquer