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Modern & Contemporary Bedroom Furniture from Room & Board

Whether you're furnishing a large master bedroom or looking for a smaller space bedroom solution, Room & Board offers modern bedroom furniture to make your space feel warm and inviting. Find everything from modern beds, armoires, and benches down to bedding basics and sheets.

The design inspiration of each bed and bedroom piece is rooted in the enduring movements of the past, including Shaker, Asian, Mid-century Modern, Danish and Arts & Crafts. We channel these design influences to create timeless modern bedroom furniture that is comfortable and durable.

Room & Board offers modern bedroom furniture, creating exclusive contemporary beds, including wood beds, steel beds, upholstered beds and storage beds, as well as modern dressers, nightstands and bedroom armoires. Each piece of bedroom furniture offers a unique design point of view and is made in the United States from the finest domestically sourced and imported materials.

We believe the best bedroom furniture comes from the best materials, so we use sustainably sourced materials in our bedroom furniture as often as possible. We mix wood, fabric, leather, stone, natural steel and stainless steel throughout our bedroom collections. You can shop confidently knowing all of these materials naturally work together to create a bedroom that's contemporary, comfortable and personal.

Looking for an exact size or style of bedroom furniture? You can customize many of our upholstered beds from over 300 fabrics and select leathers to get exactly what you need. Order free fabric and leather swatches to see how each one would look in your bedroom. Design custom bedroom cabinets or custom bookcases where you can choose your size, depth, type of wood and type of base and hardware.

Room & Board private-label mattresses provide orthopedically correct support using the highest quality non-toxic materials. We offer four mattress types and 10 comfort options, plus a 120-night sleep trial, to ensure you get your best night's sleep every night.

Shop Room & Board modern beds, mattresses, bedroom storage and bedroom decor at or visit one of our stores

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