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Current Width selection: 48"Current Depth selection: 24"Current Height selection: 16"See product details
Table width must be equal to, or longer than, your selected depth.

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Current Top selection: Satin etched glass

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Portica Table by the Inch, 1" Leg
width: 48"
depth: 24"
height: 16"
top: Satin etched glass
Item No: 186864

Portica 1" Leg

Made by Wisconsin artisans, our custom Portica Thin Leg table features a clean modern look and a stainless steel base with mitered corners that require precise craftsmanship. Choose from a variety of top options to make Portica your own.

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made in Wisconsin

Details of Portica Custom Table 1" Leg

    • Top: tempered glass
    • Color: satin etched
    • Material Description: Derived from silica sand, our durable satin etched, tempered glass is partially opaque. The top surface undergoes a satin etching treatment, resulting in a matte finish and making fingerprints less visible. Tempered glass undergoes a heating and cooling process that makes the glass more stress resistant so that if broken, it fragments into pebble-sized pieces and is considered a safe glass that protects against injury and cleans up easily.
    • Top: tempered glass
    • Color: satin etched
  • Base: stainless steel
  • Material Description: Our stainless steel has an upgraded metal composition to better resist corrosion and wear and tear. A brushed texture ensures wear marks will blend in over time and when cared for properly, stainless steel will last a lifetime.
  • Base: stainless steel