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Brixton 60w 14d 72h Bookcase
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Brixton 60w 14d 72h Bookcase
color: Stainless steel
Item No: 305550


With a nod to Art Deco and mid-century styles, Brixton’s hand-welded stainless steel frame supports sturdy glass shelves for a storage collection that yields an unexpectedly bright and airy design.

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made in Wisconsin

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Details of Brixton 60w 14d 72h Bookcase

  • Dimensions: 60"w 14"d 72"h
  • Floor to Bottom Clearance: 4"h
  • Leg Thickness: 1"w
  • Frame Width: 1"w
  • Open Space: (1) 57"w 14"d 10"h; (2) 57"w 14"d 11"h; (1) 57"w 14"d 13"h; (1) 57"w 14"d 15"h
  • Shelves: six fixed glass
  • Includes: anti-tip safety hardware
  • Product Origin: made in Wisconsin
  • Material Origin: imported
  • Item Number: 305550
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    • Color: stainless steel
    • Material Description: Our stainless steel has an upgraded metal composition to better resist corrosion and wear and tear. A brushed texture ensures wear marks will blend in over time and when cared for properly, stainless steel will last a lifetime.
    • Color: stainless steel
  • Secondary Material: tempered glass
  • Color: clear
  • Material Description: Derived from silica sand, our clear, tempered glass is strong and durable. Tempered glass undergoes a heating and cooling process that makes the glass more stress resistant so that if broken, it fragments into pebble-sized pieces and is considered a safe glass that protects against injury and cleans up easily. Visually transparent from most angles, a green hue is noticeable on the edges due to the iron content of our clear glass.
  • Secondary Material: tempered glass
  • Color: clear