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Provision Rolling Pin 20w
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Artisan Crafted by
MH Parks

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Provision Rolling Pin 20w
Item No: 282547


Crafted by a seventh-generation Massachusetts woodworking company from solid American walnut, our Provision rolling pins are turned on the same machines that made spools and bobbins in the 1850s.

Artisan Crafted by:
MH Parks
made in Massachusetts

The Parks family’s passion for woodworking and innovation spans seven generations at their manufacturing facility in Massachusetts, where artisans create wood products with a beautiful story.

Details of Provision Rolling Pin 20w

  • Dimensions: 2.25" diameter
  • Features: food safe
  • Product Origin: made in Massachusetts
  • Material Origin: United States
  • Item Number: 282547
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  • Material: walnut
  • Material Description: Walnut adds timeless depth and character to your room. Even after walnut is harvested and made into furniture, it continues to be a living, breathing material that responds to its environment - it expands and contracts with changes in humidity and also changes color over time as it's exposed to air, sunlight and wear. New walnut starts as a dark chocolate brown and beautifully ages to lighter brown or honey color over time.
  • Material: walnut