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Parsons Table with Ansel Side Chairs

Parsons Dining Table with Walnut Top

Why this room works

  1. Classic and subtle in its design, the Parsons table is a beautiful solution for this open concept floor plan. It anchors the space without being overbearing.
  2. Set the tone for a room with artwork. Here, the Ayomi Yoshida print casts light and calm blue hues that warm up the dark gray tile.
  3. The Glenn rug is ideal for this space because it has a low profile, making it easy to move the dining chairs. The result is a tonal, modern look with depth and texture in this space.
Parsons Tables
New Option Parsons Tables
$329 - $2,759
Ansel Chairs
New Option Ansel Chairs
$399 - $599
Ayomi Yoshida, It Starts Raining, 2016
Limited Edition
Ayomi Yoshida, It Starts Raining, 2016
Sold Out Online
Waltz Pendants
Waltz Pendants
$349 - $549
Glenn Rugs
Glenn Rugs
$199 - $1,199
Slim Bar Carts
New Option Slim Bar Carts
Meredith Trays
Meredith Trays
$89 - $99