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Aria Table with Ava Chairs

Why this room works

  1. Create an inviting place to gather with the round Aria table. The pedestal base is a major space saver so you can easily add more chairs. The white base complements the walls, while the warmness of the walnut top adds a rich tone.
  2. The Brixton bar cart is a modern addition to this dining room. The glass and stainless steel is a perfect complement to the mirror, showcasing the same materials.
  3. The Hudson dining cabinet also shows off a stainless steel base, creating continuity. Its large scale design helps anchor this room.
Aria Round Tables
New Option Aria Round Tables
$549 - $2,899
Ava Chairs
New Option Ava Chairs
$399 - $499
Brixton Bar Carts
Brixton Bar Carts
$699 - $799