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Corbett Dining Room with Etting Bookcase

Why this room works

  1. The thick, sturdy design of the Corbett table is the perfect fit for this large dining space. The warmth of the walnut adds brightness to the room.
  2. Two Orikata pendants offer the perfect amount of light over the long Corbett table so everyone can enjoy direct, focused light through the linen shades.
  3. We love how the Etting bookcase adds height to this room and its mix of materials plays back to the table and rug. The open-back style keeps this room feeling light and airy.
Corbett Tables
Corbett Tables
$2,099 - $3,199
Etting Bookcase
New Etting Bookcase
$799 - $1,199
Pike Chair with Wood Base
New Option Pike Chair with Wood Base
Talia Rugs
Talia Rugs
$1,999 - $2,699