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Made in Minnesota, our Bend tabletop picture frames have an architectural quality that looks great from any angle. To create the patina, steel is dipped in a solution that reveals natural variations, giving the frames a weathered appearance. The shatterproof acrylic insert is secured by magnets.

Made in



  • Material: steel
    Color: patina
    Finish: lacquer
  • Secondary Material: plexiglass

Additional Information

  • Item Numbers:
    516107 5x7 Horizontal Tabletop Frame (9.5"w 8"h)
    306728 5x7 Vertical Tabletop Frame (7.5"w 10"h)
    769990 4x6 Horizontal Tabletop Frame (8.5"w 7"h)
    036327 4x6 Vertical Tabletop Frame (6.5"w 9"h)

Artisan Crafted by Bell Manufacturing

This Minneapolis workshop is run by a brother-and-sister duo that carry on their family tradition of superior steel craftsmanship. Skilled metalworkers drill, form and weld carefully selected materials to create beautiful, durable steel pieces.

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