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In 1970, Vittorio and Fernanda Giulini started Liola, a family-owned Italian textile company that specialized in women’s knits. With a strong emphasis on playful graphic patterns, their designs were both fashionable and timeless. After closing in 2016, their design archive became available. This is a high-quality reprint of a Liola original.

Made in



  • Material: archival paper
    Color: multicolor
  • Secondary Material: wood frame
    Finish: lacquer
    Color: black

Additional Information

  • Product Origin: made in Italy
  • Material Origin: United States and imported
  • Item Numbers:
    119174 MO 136 (18"w 2"d 25"h)
    005566 MO 228 (18"w 2"d 25"h)
    969150 MO 235 (18"w 2"d 25"h)
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