Whether displayed solo or in a group, these votive candle holders add an elegant modern touch to your home. They are made of powder-coated recycled steel and welded in Minnesota.

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United States



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  • Item Numbers:
    711087 Set of Three Votive Candle Holders (4" diameter 15"h)
    405218 4 diam 15h Votive Candle Holder (4" diameter 15"h)
    731218 4 diam 12h Votive Candle Holder (4" diameter 12"h)
    365577 4 diam 9h Votive Candle Holder (4" diameter 9"h)

Artisan Crafted by Bell Manufacturing

This Minneapolis workshop is run by a brother-and-sister duo that carry on their family tradition of superior steel craftsmanship. Skilled metalworkers drill, form and weld carefully selected materials to create beautiful, durable steel pieces.

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