Cribbage Board

A small family-owned company in Minneapolis uses the wood from fallen urban trees to craft this cribbage board. The wood for this edition of 140 came from a fallen ash tree in Eden Prairie, MN. Sealed with a clear lacquer finish, each one-of-a-kind board has the standard two tracks and includes four black metal pegs, held in place by magnets.

Made in
United States

Reclaimed Materials From Urban Wood Project: Minneapolis

Started in 2008, Wood From The Hood is a woman-owned business who works with the Minneapolis Park Board and local arborists to reclaim urban trees that succumb to storm damage, disease or construction. The small and dedicated team of artisans mill, dry and finish the wood in their shop to create one-of-a-kind lumber, then Siewert Cabinet & Fixture Manufacturing in south Minneapolis turns the lumber into sustainable furniture.