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Arik Pressed Glass Votive
Artisan Crafted by
Hennepin Made

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Arik Pressed Glass Votive
Item No: 449432


When a glass studio gets a new kiln, a breaking in period is required. During this time, the studio must melt about 3,000 pounds of glass to ensure the kiln is working properly and heating evenly. Our partners at Hennepin Made are going through this process and looked for a way to use glass that would otherwise go to waste. They designed this limited edition votive holder just for us. It is handcrafted by pressing molten glass into a specially made mold and each one is signed and numbered by the artisans at Hennepin Made.

Artisan Crafted by:
Hennepin Made
made in Minnesota

Hennepin Made was started by long-time friends who first met at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls as instructor and student in a glassblowing course. Artists at the Minneapolis workshop draw on traditional techniques to craft hand-blown accents that blur the line between everyday object and modern art.

Details of Arik Pressed Glass Votive

  • Dimensions: 5" diameter 1.5"h
  • Features: holds 1.5" diameter votive candle
  • Considerations: dimensions may vary
  • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
  • Material Origin: imported
  • Item Number: 449432
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  • Material: glass