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Nest Crib Nursery

Why this room works

  1. The Loki table and stools make this room extra kid-friendly. The small stools are a perfect perch for kids, and they'll love playing with furniture that's exclusively for them.
  2. Double up on storage and seating with an innovative bench. Perfectly placed underneath the window, the bench helps create a nook that's ideal for book reading and book storage.
  3. Solid wood crib construction adds safety and modern design to this nursery.
Nest Crib
Nest Crib
$699 - $918
Sherwood Dressers in Kids
Sherwood Dressers in Kids
$1,199 - $1,999
Ellery Swivel Glider Chair & Ottoman in Dawson Fabric
Fabric Changing 12/26 Ellery Swivel Glider Chair & Ottoman in D...
$529 - $1,099
Ferris Cubby Bench
Ferris Cubby Bench
$649 - $799
Loki Table
Discontinued 12/26 Loki Table
Loki Stool
Discontinued 12/26 Loki Stool