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Piper Bed with Soren Lounge Chair

Why this room works

  1. The Chronicle floor lamp is a great way to get direct, focused reading light in this kids bedroom. It's a modern take on a traditional floor lamp.
  2. The Slim end table in natural steel plays back to the materials of the floor lamp and bed frame. Packed with multiple shelves, this end table is a creative nightstand solution.
  3. The streamlined look of our Piper bed is complemented by the chevron pattern of the Ascent blanket in black. A versatile design, Ascent adds a cozy layer of warmth kids will love.
Soren Lounge Chair
Soren Lounge Chair
$799 - $999
Mattea Rugs
Discontinued 12/26 Mattea Rugs
$300 - $500 thru 12/25
Ascent Blanket in Black
Discontinued 12/26 Ascent Blanket in Black
$169 - $229