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Wyatt Storage Bed with Ashby Kids Room

Why this room works

  1. The Ashby nightstand brings a beautiful, warm contrast to this kid’s room. Two large storage drawers can corral toys, books, clothes and more. The streamlined look complements the tailored design of the Wyatt bed.
  2. Adding a picture rail or ledge is an easy way to add extra storage and display personal style.
  3. A sheepskin is as versatile as it is cozy. It makes for a soft touchdown after getting out of bed, or can be tossed on the bed for extra texture and warmth. The gray tones play back to the neutral hues in the space.
Wyatt Bed with Storage Drawer in Kids
New Option Wyatt Bed with Storage Drawer in Kids
$1,599 - $2,199
Ashby Nightstands in Kids
New Ashby Nightstands in Kids
$549 - $579
Sill Picture Ledges
Sill Picture Ledges
$99 - $149
Sheepskin Rugs
Sheepskin Rugs
$109 - $549