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Orikata Acorn & Ball Pendants

Orikata Acorm & Ball Pendants

Why this room works

  1. Inspired by origami, Orikata pendants create a stunning focal point in this neutral dining room.
  2. Our Corbett table anchors the space with its sleek, modern lines and solid wood construction.
  3. Featuring Danish-inspired design, our Evan chairs are beautiful from every angle. Their sculptural forms provide comfortable seating that’s sure to encourage guests to linger at the table.
Orikata Acorn Pendants
New Option Orikata Acorn Pendants
$329 - $699
Orikata Ball Pendant
New Option Orikata Ball Pendant
$329 - $699
Corbett Tables
Corbett Tables
$2,099 - $3,199
Evan Chair with Fabric Seat
New Option Evan Chair with Fabric Seat
$399 - $499