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Waltz Pendant & Freemont Floor Lamp

Why this room works

  1. Pendants are ideal for hanging over a dining table. Our Waltz pendant provides soft ambient light and adds sculptural interest to this modern room.
  2. Our Freemont floor lamp has a dimmer switch to adjust the amount of light it gives off, from a gentle glow to overall room brightening. Its slim, minimal design fits into small spaces beautifully.
  3. Placing a Reed bench behind the sofa makes it easy to pull up to the table for extra seating and helps delineate the dining area from the living room.
Waltz Pendants
Waltz Pendants
$349 - $549
Parsons Tables
New Option Parsons Tables
$329 - $2,759
Ansel Chairs
New Option Ansel Chairs
$399 - $599
Glenn Rugs
Glenn Rugs
$199 - $1,199
Metro Sofas
New Option Metro Sofas
$1,399 - $1,799
Slim Bar Carts
New Option Slim Bar Carts
Ayomi Yoshida, It Starts Raining, 2016
Limited Edition
Ayomi Yoshida, It Starts Raining, 2016
Sold Out Online
Meredith Trays
Meredith Trays
$89 - $99