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Modern & Contemporary Lighting from Room & Board

Room & Board creates and designs modern lighting for every room in your home. In fact, most of our lighting is designed by Room & Board, meaning you won't find it anywhere else. Our contemporary lighting coordinates perfectly with other Room & Board modern furniture and decor.

We're inspired by artwork and architecture when designing lighting; our manufacturing partners bring forward innovative materials, shapes and processes, allowing us to offer lighting solutions for living room lighting, dining room and kitchen lighting, as well as contemporary lamps for bedrooms, entryways and offices. Easily shop modern table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, ceiling lights, desk lamps and task lamps, and wall sconces.

Room & Board uses sustainably sourced materials in our lighting whenever possible. You'll find a beautiful mix of natural materials throughout our lighting assortment. Many lamps are handmade by American artisans, who use both domestic and imported materials. Many Room & Board lamps, pendants and sconces come with LED bulbs, making it easy to create an energy efficient space. 

Start with primary lighting to light the entire room. Then add accent lighting to create an inviting ambience while brightening corners. And include LED task lighting for direct light. All Room & Board lighting includes free UPS shipping.

Make a modern chandelier with Room & Board glass pendant lights, fabric or plastic pendants and wood pendant lights. Ceiling canopies make it easy to hang these beautiful features. We also offer pendant lights made of fabric and steel for a uniquely modern look. These pendants look beautiful in a grouping or on their own.

Find unique items like a ceiling mount for pendant lighting so you can hang pendants anywhere, even in an apartment or rented space.

Shop all modern and contemporary lighting at or visit one of our stores.

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