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Campbell Sofa in Sumner Graphite

Why this room works

  1. In this apartment living room, the space is divided from an adjacent room with open-back Dahl bookcases that look great from both sides and provide plenty of storage.
  2. A small square dining table is a landing spot for meals, homework or board games. A table lamp and a framed photo help this dining nook feel cozy and complete.
  3. Our Kavya bench works as extra living room seating for guests and a place to perch while you browse the bookshelf. It can also be pulled up to the table as needed.
Campbell Sofas
Campbell Sofas
$1,499 - $1,699
Amos Leather Swivel Chair
Leather Changing 12/26 Amos Leather Swivel Chair
Sullivan Cocktail Table
Discontinued 12/26 Sullivan Cocktail Table
Parsons Tables
Options Changing 12/26 Parsons Tables
$329 - $2,759
Gate Rug
Discontinued 12/26 Gate Rug
$2,299 - $2,999
Grace Table Lamps
New Option Grace Table Lamps
$449 - $479
Ayomi Yoshida, Still in Bud, 2016
Limited Edition Ayomi Yoshida, Still in Bud, 2016
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169
Sheepskin Pillows
Sheepskin Pillows
$49 - $99