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Campbell Sofa Living Room with Jonas Leather Chair

Why this room works

  1. Two modern white bookcases placed side by side give the look of a built-in cabinet while adding smart storage. A combination of shelving and doors makes them practical for displaying your favorite books and decor or tucking away items you want concealed.
  2. A sculptural wooden stool adds a warm feel to the room and ties in with the color of the accent chair. Plus, it does double duty as extra seating and an end table.
  3. You don’t need to be afraid to choose a light upholstery fabric when it’s as stain-resistant as this one. Our performance fabrics are great for kids and pets, and are easy to clean.
Campbell Sofas
New Option Campbell Sofas
$1,499 - $1,799
Kira Cocktail Tables
New Kira Cocktail Tables
$699 - $899
Classic End Tables in Natural Steel
New Option Classic End Tables in Natural Steel
$199 - $669
Nyla Tables
New Nyla Tables
Monarch Table Lamps
Monarch Table Lamps
$199 - $299
Tulum Rugs
Tulum Rugs
$599 - $1,699
Craig Pillows
New Craig Pillows
$99 - $129
Storm Pillows
Storm Pillows
$79 - $99
Wales Pillows
Wales Pillows
$89 - $149
Jonas Leather Lounge Chair
New Option Jonas Leather Lounge Chair
$1,799 - $1,999