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Parsons 24w 12d 24h Thin Leg End Table

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Current Top selection: Smoke tempered glass
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Parsons 24w 12d 24h Thin Leg End Table
top: Smoke tempered glass
Item No: 849651
Item No: 913129


Our Parsons thin leg end table features a recycled natural steel base with subtle weld marks that make each piece unique and showcase the craftsmanship of the Minnesota artisans who build each one. Choose from a variety of top options to make Parsons your own. Please note: Overall height may vary slightly depending on the top material you select. The Parsons end table is available with power features, including two power outlets and double USB outlets.

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made in Minnesota

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Details of Parsons 24w 12d 24h Thin Leg End Table

  • Dimensions: 24"w 12"d 24"h
  • Apron Height: 1"h
  • Apron to Floor Height: 22"h
  • Space Between Legs: 22"w
  • Leg Thickness: 1"w
  • Considerations: glass and stone tops are unattached; do not sit or stand on the table surface
  • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
  • Material Origin: United States and imported
  • Item Number: 849651
    • Top
    • Dimensions: 24"w 12"d .5"h
    • Top Thickness: .5"h
    • Product Origin: made in China
    • Material Origin: imported
    • Item Number: 913129
    • Base
    • Dimensions: 24"w 12"d 23"h
    • Leg Thickness: 1"w
    • Construction: hand-welded frame
    • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
    • Material Origin: United States
    • Item Number: 270538
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    • Top: tempered glass
    • Color: smoke
    • Material Description: Derived from silica sand, our tempered smoke glass is strong and durable. Tempered glass undergoes a heating and cooling process that makes the glass more stress resistant so that if broken, it fragments into pebble-sized pieces and is considered a safe glass that protects against injury and cleans up easily. The glass is tinted with a slightly shaded, yet transparent, hue.
    • Top: tempered glass
    • Color: smoke
  • Base: natural steel
  • Finish: lacquer
  • Material Description: Our recycled natural steel is sustainably sourced in the U.S. from 99% recycled raw materials and hand-selected for consistent color and texture. Hand-welding can create unique markings, as well as color change, due to the heating and shaping of the steel. Subtle variations in color, along with the individuality of each craftsperson's work, ensure that no two pieces are alike.