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Hutton Sofa Room with Paris Chair in Leather

Why this room works

  1. Our Hutton sofa lends vintage sophistication that anchors this entire room. Its classic coloring and styling make it a focal point that ties all the tones in this space together.
  2. Our Tulum rug helps define this room’s main area. A rug is an easy, beautiful addition that helps keep the focus in one area of a larger room.
  3. Slim bookcases offer modern, sleek storage for this space. Because this living room is filled with richly colored and textured pieces, the simple style of these bookcases is a welcome contrast.
Hutton Sofas
New Option Hutton Sofas
$1,899 - $2,499
Reese Sofas
New Option Reese Sofas
$1,299 - $1,699
Bailey Cocktail Table
Bailey Cocktail Table
$699 - $799
Classic End Tables in Natural Steel
New Option Classic End Tables in Natural Steel
$199 - $669
Tulum Rugs
Tulum Rugs
$599 - $1,699
Sheepskin Rugs
Sheepskin Rugs
$109 - $549
Velvet Pillows
New Option Velvet Pillows
$79 - $99
Komongata Prints
Limited Quantity Komongata Prints