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Antje Hassinger

A German artist known for her painterly and linear-graphic oil paintings, Antje Hassinger has exhibited across Europe. Her work tends toward nonrepresentational, and through arrangement of color, form and structure, she wishes to engage the viewer’s imagination and experience. These serigraphs are custom-framed in Ohio.

Made in



  • Material: archival paper
    Color: multicolor
  • Secondary Material: wood frame
    Finish: lacquer
    Color: white

Additional Information

  • Product Origin: made in Belgium
  • Material Origin: United States and imported
  • Item Numbers:
    314857 Untitled 1 (42"w 1.25"d 42"h)
    999425 Untitled 2 (42"w 1.25"d 42"h)
    262162 Untitled 3 (42"w 1.25"d 42"h)
    147646 Untitled 4 (42"w 1.25"d 42"h)
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